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Suma Travels was designed for you to make your travel planning experience easier and more affordable. Established in 1979 as one of the first South Asian Travel agencies in the U.S., Suma Travels has acquired a solid reputation in the community for its competitive prices and superb service. After all, one cannot become the multi million dollar award winner for 20 years in a row, as we have become, for Air India and Kuwait Airways, unless one has been providing superb service for one's customers. You can count on us for unbeatable prices, service and reliability, when it comes to leisure travel.

We are consolidators for most of the major Airlines. Our headquarters is at 1133 Broadway, Suite # 419, New York, NY 10010, but we have affiliated offices through out the U.S and India. We provide emergency service in economy and business classes 24 hours, seven days a week. We can also arrange customized tour packages, cruse trips, and Visa and Passport services. Give us a call; you will be happy you did!
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